• Rare double-digit early NSW plates lead auction results
  • Total sales of nearly $4 million and 93 per cent clearance rate
  • Ferrari trio in demand with enthusiasts

Black and white NSW numerical number plates again produced strong results at Shannons Sydney Spring Auction on November 18, contributing to the overall $3.9 -plus million  result.

The standout result was the auction record $905,000 paid for the NSW Heritage plate '22', one of two prized double-digit black and white plates in the auction, eclipsing the $745 paid for '29' at Shannons Sydney Autumn Auction in 2017.

The other double digit plate, '42', sold strongly on the result of '22', also beating the previous record when selling for $755,000, after further competitive bidding.

Adding to the collectible attraction of '22' was its unique status as one of only nine double digit, double number NSW plates ever issued. These plates rarely come to auction, either remaining in the same family for generations, or traded privately.

Other notable number plate sales amongst the eight on offer, were $169,000 for '386' and $91,000 for '1272'.

Of the 26 classic vehicles on offer, the top price was achieved by a 1972, UK-delivered Ferrari 246 GT Dino Coupe, which was well bought at $450,000, which is market correct by current international prices for this mid-engined classic V6 Ferrari model.

The Dino, which came to Australia early in its life, had spent most of its time in Tasmania, where it was repainted in little-seen Bianco (white).

It was one of three classic Ferraris in the auction, with a rare, Hong Kong-delivered 1977 Ferrari 400 GT Coupe – one of just 147 manual gearbox GTs made – producing an excellent result of $110,000.

The third Ferrari in the auction, a 1976 Rosso Corsa Dino 308 GT4, sold on estimate for $81,000, making it an attractive entry into Ferrari ownership.

The 13 motorcycles and ATVs (three-wheelers) in the auction produced some of the best results, led by a fabulous 1989 Honda VFR 750R RC30 – a model developed as a homologation special for the World Superbike Championship – that sold after strong bidding for $50,000. Other good two-wheel results were the $25,000 paid for a 1969 Honda CB750 KO and the $23,500 achieved by a restored Italian 1972 Laverda SF1 750cc.

Amongst the AustraIian Classics, a 1972 Chrysler VH 770 Charger Coupe led the pack by selling above expectations for $71,000; a 4.9 litre V8-engined Ford Falcon GS Rally Pack 'Redback' sedan sold on estimate for $36,000; and a 1971 Falcon XY 500 Sedan coming from long-term ownership and showing 56,402 miles on its odometer, brought $32,000 when offered with 'no reserve'.

Quirky Classics had many floor and online followers at the auction, with a 1960 fibreglass-bodied Jensen 541R sports saloon in good condition selling for $60,000;
A restored and rare 1960 Autobianchi Bianchina Trasformabile sedan making an excellent $32,000; a 1974 Citroen D Special selling with 'no reserve' sold for $15,500 and a four-wheel drive 1973 Steyr Puch Haflinger 700 AP one of few examples left in Australia – similarly offered with 'no reserve', bringing $10,000.

In other notable Sydney November 18 Spring Auction results:

  • a 1970 Morris Mini Cooper MkII Saloon in excellent, restored condition made $47,000;
  • an Australian-delivered 1977 Porsche Carrera 3.0, with a steel wide-body conversion, sold within its guiding range for $91,000;
  • a 1994 Mercedes-Benz SL500 convertible in beautiful condition sold for $34,000.

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