Body design – slender and athletic all in one.

Even at first sight, BMW Motorrad’s new sports Boxer boasts a more slender and dynamic figure than its predecessor, while nevertheless taking up the unmistakable design language of the R 1100 S. The front end of the new machine is dominated by an asymmetric dual headlight featuring reflectors with geometrically optimised free-shaped surfaces carried over from the GS model. High-intensity H7 bulbs ensure bright illumination, and the cover lens made of scratch-proof polycarbonate coating new in its structure and material qualities harmonises perfectly with the BMW kidney grill further down, guiding the airflow straight to the engine oil cooler.

The sporting windscreen likewise comes with a scratch-proof surface coating and is fitted in position in the upper section of the fairing by means of spring brackets facilitating, for example, the subsequent assembly of a tinted windscreen available as an option. A further advantage is that the fastening points are no longer visible from outside, making the entire front section smooth and clean in design, with all features and components fitting together perfectly. And last but certainly not least, the direction indicators integrated in the rear-view mirrors also make an important contribution to this superior style and good looks.

Yet another striking feature is the fairing support made of light pressure-cast magnesium. Finished in Graphite Grey metallic paintwork and fastened in position by aluminium bolts, this important component is an integral feature of the overall design concept and may be admired not only by the rider sitting on the machine, but also by an outside observer.

Featuring a new silencer and exhaust emission outlets placed beneath one another, the rear end of the motorcycle is accentuated particularly in its vertical look. The extra-large, voluminous muffler is positioned below the rear fairing smoothly and attractively integrating the direction indicators into the overall design. A further feature boasted right at the top is the new tail light with no less than 18 light-emitting diodes comprising both the rear and brake lights operating in two different levels of brightness. Compared with a conventional tail light cluster, the light-emitting diodes require only about 10–20 per cent of the usual level of energy, while at the same time offering a much longer service life and significant safety benefits thanks to their even faster response time.

Focusing on technical features, the aerodynamic qualities of BMW Motorrad’s sports Boxer deserve particular mention, especially after being perfected in the wind tunnel: With sporting performance naturally being one of the main considerations in the development process, greater significance has been given in this case to the lowest possible drag coefficient as opposed to enhanced protection from wind and weather. But this does not mean that the carefully designed, low-slung windscreen on the R 1200 S does not give the rider efficient protection around the upper body, thus effectively reducing wind forces at high speeds.

BMW offers the R 1200 S in four different colours, each of which gives the machine a particular, individual touch. Paintwork in Night Black non-metallic, for example, focuses on the essential and conveys an immediate feeling of sporting elegance, while White Aluminium matt metallic highlights the design and lines of the R 1200 S.

And last but certainly not least, an outstanding colour is twin-tone paintwork in Red non-metallic/Titanium Silver metallic, creating a new touch time and again from different perspectives and visually integrating the red seat into the overall colour concept of the motorcycle.

Ensuring a relaxed and sporting posture.

A sports motorcycle must allow the rider to lean forward in a dynamic, “fast” position in order to benefit in full from the preferred style of riding. Indeed, the shift in weight provided in this way generates an optimum load on the front wheel when braking and entering a bend, and keeps the wheel even better on the road when accelerating.

Despite these important considerations, the handlebar remains at exactly the right height to avoid any undue loads or forces acting on the rider’s wrists. Seat height of 830 mm and the well-conceived arrangement of the rider’s footrests guarantee a comfortable knee angle allowing the rider to keep the knees firmly on the tank. A further advantage is that the rider will find it easy to reach the ground with both feet, the seat particularly slender at the front keeping the overall distance from one foot to the other on the ground to a mere 1,810mm.

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