Q: When will it go on sale?
A: We have not announced an exact date yet, but it will be on sale sometime in 2019.

Q: How much will it cost?
A: Pricing is not finalised, but it will be competitive against other motorcycles with a similar engine size and style.

Q: Is this a race bike adapted for the road?
A: No. The FTR 1200 is a fully homologated street bike, with design and aesthetic inspiration coming from Indian's incredible pedigree and success in flat track racing.

Q: Why haven't you brought out an FTR with the 750cc engine in it?
A: The 750cc engine in the FTR750 was purpose-built specifically for racing. It was never intended for a production street bike. In this segment, consumers are looking for competitive power and torque which is exactly what this new motor delivers.

Q: Will the FTR 1200 look like the FTR1200 Custom?
A: The production FTR 1200 will carry lines and styling that were inspired by the FTR750 and FTR1200 Custom. Those are the bikes people fell in love with and we want to bring those race inspired design characteristics to the street in a way that only Indian Motorcycle can. We've leaned heavily on those characteristics to give the production FTR 1200 its own unique look and style.

Q: What kind of power will the FTR 1200 make? We've seen videos of the Custom making 100hp.
A: The FTR 1200 will feature a new V-twin engine. We're not going to be disclosing the engine's specs regarding size or output at this time, but we are confident it will be very competitive with other bikes in its class.

Q: You must have been working on a production version all along. Why announce this now?
A: We chose to announce the bike at Wheels & Waves because the event's global prominence provides an ideal platform that reaches our target rider. In addition, it's an event we've become heavily associated with over the past two years, and it's very reflective of the lifestyle and energy of this new flat tracker for the street.

Q: Were there any external designers involved with this?
A: No. This has originated from Indian's existing team, headed up by Greg Brew and senior designer Rich Christoph, with support from many other designers and engineers.

Q: Will Indian be unveiling the production version at Intermot or EICMA?
A: We will have something to show later this year, as we are aiming for this to be a 2019 model. Where and when we launch is yet to be confirmed.

Q: Is flat track racing too US-centric to appeal to a global audience?
A: Far from it. Flat track racing has experienced an incredible spike in interest over the past few years around the world. It's now the fastest growing form of motorcycle racing, and the global intrigue and interest surrounding it continues to expand.

Q: Why make such a bold move in expanding beyond Indian's current cruiser/bagger/tour categories?
A: From the beginning our goal has been to be a globally relevant brand, and that means bringing best-in-class products to a wide variety of segments. Indian's DNA is founded in innovation and constantly moving forward – a mentality established by our founders back in 1901. In light of that history, not to mention our racing pedigree, we see this as a natural
extension of the brand.

Q: I have questions about the FTR1200, who can I speak to?
A: Please contact Indian Motorcycle Australia for any queries regarding the FTR1200 by contacting the following key contact:

Senior Retail Specialist - Marketing
Australia & New Zealand
M: +61 0407 219 229
W: +61 (03) 9394 5654
E: chris.gale@polaris.com