Optional extras and special equipment.

Tailored to the specific features and requirements of each model in the G 650 X range, the special equipment offered by BMW Motorrad can be fitted ideally on the spot by the customer's motorcycle dealer. The only optional extra offered straight from the factory is BMW Motorrad ABS always fitted together with a 12-volt power socket.

Special equipment.

  • 25 kW (34-hp) retrofit kit (scheduled for 2007).
  • Offroad headlight protector (for the G 650 Xchallenge only).
  • Aluminium cover for the rear brake fluid reservoir.
  • Aluminium pinion cover.
  • Aluminium sprocket protector.
  • Aluminium frame protector.
  • Handlebar impact protector.
  • Hand protector bars.
  • Set of protectors for the hand protector bars (large).
  • Set of protectors for the hand protector bars (small).
  • Set of add-on spoilers for hand protectors (large).
  • Small engine protection hoop.
  • Aluminium underfloor protector (standard on the G 650 Xchallenge).
  • Plastic underfloor protector (standard on the G 650 Xcountry).
  • Set of fall pads (G 650 Xmoto only).
  • Windshield holder (G 650 Xcountry only).
  • Low seat (G 650 Xchallenge and Xmoto only).
  • Windshield (G 650 Xcountry only).
  • Luggage rack.
  • Rear bag (G 650 Xchallenge and moto only).
  • Tank bag (G 650 Xcountry only).
  • Passenger kit (footrests and grab handles).
  • 12-volt power socket.
  • Titanium sports silencer (fully homologated).
  • Titanium exhaust manifold.
  • Carbon-fibre exhaust system covers.
  • Service toolkit.
  • Support for navigation unit.
  • Topcase with baseplate (in preparation, G 650 Xcountry only).
  • Adapter plate for topcase (in preparation, G 650 Xcountry only).
  • Inner bag for topcase (in preparation).

Rear bag for short rides.

Both the BMW G 650 Xchallenge and the G 650 Xmoto are available with a special, extra-robust rear bag complete with a rubber-finished zipper bolting on to the optional luggage rack and offering ample space for day trips well-protected from splashwater. The bolted connection keeps the bag firmly on the motorcycle also when riding fast and dynamically on rough terrain, velcro straps inside helping to keep individual items such as the rider's service toolkit firmly and safely in position.

Watertight tankbag.

The tankbag for the BMW G 650 Xcountry is fastened behind the handlebar centrepoint and is tailored precisely to the front fairing components, offering generous space and a map folder up to DINA4 in size - both in watertight, high-quality finish. The elaborately embroidered model designation on the bag as well as the removable shoulder carrier straps are two further attractive details.

Topcase with adapter plate and inner bag (in preparation).

The 31-litre (1.09 cu ft) topcase available for the BMW G 650 Xcountry is the same as the topcase on the F 650 GS. A special adapter plate keeps the topcase safely and firmly on the luggage rack for accessories, a grab handle as well as a secure lock on the lid naturally come as standard. A watertight inner bag, finally, is available as a separate feature.

Windshield for the BMW G 650 Xcountry.

Apart from looking really attractive, the small optional windshield offers additional protection from wind and weather.

Additional headlight protector for the BMW G 650 Xchallenge.

Made of impact-resistant polycarbonate, the headlight protector offers effective protection from stone-throw particularly on rough terrain. Through its design and configuration alone, it is a perfect match for BMW's Hard Enduro.

Small engine protection hoops.

Finished in black, the robust engine protection hoops offer additional protection from damage in both everyday riding and under tough offroad conditions.

Underfloor protector in various sizes.

Made of robust, deep-drawn aluminium, the underfloor protector comes as standard on the BMW G 650 Xchallenge and may be retrofitted on the two other models.

The BMW G 650 Xcountry is fitted as standard with a small underfloor protector made of impact-proof plastic also available as an accessory and easy to fit on the BMW G 650 Xmoto.

Hand protection bars complete with protector and spoiler.

Configured as a modular system, the hand protector made up of an enclosed stainless steel bar and various attachments made of impact-proof, completely coloured plastic is able to offer various protective functions. The hand protector bar helps to avoid damage to the handlebar and instruments, the protector element available in two sizes reliably protecting the rider's hands from stone-throw, while the spoiler offers additional protection from cold and wet weather.

Handlebar impact protector.

Carried over from enduro sport, the protector made of extra-strong foam is fitted on the handlebar mount and offers additional safety and protection for the rider.

Crash pads for the BMW G 650 Xmoto.

Crash pads on the Street Moto help to avoid major damage in minor incidents. They are fitted in pairs on the two axles and the rider's footrests.

Titanium sports muffler with full homologation.

Made by Akrapovic, the sports muffler fits perfectly on to the original exhaust manifold of the G 650 X models. Conical in shape, this tailpipe made of carbon-fibre-reinforced plastic adds extra sporting flair and character to the machine. The muffler unit itself may be removed for sports riding on private tracks and circuits. Together with the titanium manifold described below, the titanium sports muffler helps to reduce weight by approximately 2.8 kg or 6.2 lb.

Titanium exhaust manifold.

The extremely light but highly resistant material used for the exhaust manifold takes on its characteristic colour on account of the hot exhaust gas and is acknowledged by the connoisseur as a particularly sophisticated component.

Carbon-fibre trim panels on the exhaust system.

Carbon-fibre trim panels replacing the regular heat protection panels on the exhaust manifold, silencer connection and muffler body offer particularly sporting and dynamic flair.

High-quality aluminium trim panels.

A number of accessories are made of top-quality light alloy, replacing the plastic parts otherwise used as standard. Two examples are the chain protection and pinion covers. The beautifully designed frame protector, in turn, protects the surface of the frame under extreme offroad riding conditions from marks and scratches possibly caused by the rider with his offroad boots and at the same time protects the rear master brake cylinder.